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Additive Manufacturing by selective laser melting (SLM)

Max. X-axis stroke
125 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
125 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
200 mm
Min. Layer thickness
20 µm
Min. Focus diameter
35 µm
Laser power standard
200 W


Additive Manufacturing by selective laser melting (SLM) in powder bed

  • Highly complex components with function integration
  • Internal conformal cooling channels
  • Weight optimisation due to lattice and honeycomb structures as well as topology-optimised components
  • Simultaneous build-up of different designs
  • Functional prototypes made of series materials

Additive Manufacturing with a 125 x 125 x 200 mm (X / Y / Z) building volume

  • High precision building of 3D parts with a focus diameter of only 35 µm
  • Application-specific fibre laser sources from 200 W as standard to 400 W optional
  • Optimised shield gas volume flow for highest component quality with minimum Argon consumption
  • Open system: Individual adjustment of all machine settings and process parameters as well as unrestricted selection of the material supplier
  • End-to-end competence with integral process understanding from drawing to finished part: DMG MORI Process Chains for pre- and post-processing of additively built parts

rePLUG – The powder module for fast material change

  • Automated powder handling: Integrated powder-recycling for maximum efficiency and highest work-safety due to closed material cycle 
  • One material per rePLUG – Any expansion of the material range due to modular changing system
  • Contamination-free change between different materials in <2 hours
  • High process autonomy due to powerful duo filter system (filter change without process interruption) as well as large powder reservoir (no manual refilling required in the process)
  • Optional: rePLUG RESEARCH The additional powder module, especially developed for the material and process parameter development on the series system
LASERTEC SLM: Additive Manufacturing

Application Examples

Control & Software

OPTOMET - First time right
Software for Parameter Optimization in powder bed 

  • 70% shorter material development cycles: parameter development for new and existing materials within minutes instead of days
  • Prediction of mechanical properties for selected materials
  • Better after every print job - "Machine learning" with integrated database
  • rePLUG reSEARCH and OPTOMET - The combination for material development 

CELOS: Consistent software solution from CAM programming up to machine control

  • Intuitive machine operation due to touchscreen and APP-based control
  • RDesigner: CAM Programming directly on the machine control
  • HEAT-Calculation: Patented advance calculation of mass distribution and automatical adjustment of all laser parameters for top component quality 
  • Monitoring tools: Camera-based process monitoring of the build-up and coating quality 

OPTOMET - First time right

Service & Training

Downloads & Technical Data

Technology segment
SLM - Selective Laser Melting
Technology Data
Min. Focus diameter
35 µm
Min. Layer thickness
20 µm
Max. Layer thickness
100 µm
Laser power standard
200 W
Laser power optional
400 W
Inert gas
Inert gas consumption
70 l/h
Max. workpiece length
125 mm
Max. workpiece width
125 mm
Max. workpiece height
200 mm
Work Area
Max. X-axis stroke
125 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
125 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
200 mm
Use case
Complex / filigree structures
Internal channels / cavities
lightweight construction / grid structures
Production Type
Cobalt-Chrome alloys
Copper alloys
High-speed steel
Nickel-based alloys
Stainless steel
Tool steel