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Pfronten production site

47° 34‘ 19.682“ N, 10° 33‘ 56.881“ O

Pfronten – Precision as a passion


Allgäu is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Germany. Close to Neuschwanstein Castle, Pfronten is only one of many towns in the area to offer cozy hostels as overnight accommodation. But it is extremely difficult to book a room throughout the entire region during the DMG MORI Open House at the beginning of the year. The success story of the worldwide leading machine tool manufacturer began in 1920 with the merger of five precision engineers. The quintet called its new, aspiring company Maho, which began to produce tool machines for their own use in 1950. They quickly came to the attention of larger companies, who ordered specially customized machines from Maho. In 1970, they therefore began to concentrate solely on this branch of business, acquired Graziano in Italy, went public, merged with Deckel and ultimately became Gildemeister in 1994 – today they are DMG MORI.

With around 1,500 employees and a total area of 149,000 m², Pfronten is one of the most important development and largest production plants of DMG MORI in Europe. As a milling expert, the factory alone produces 50 different types of machines from the versatile monoBLOCK series up to the XXL machines. Pfronten offers the capacity for around 1,500 machines to leave the factory every year for global distribution. The company DMG MORI Ultrasonic Lasertec GmbH is also located in Pfronten, and is responsible for advanced technologies in the group. The subsidiary company develops and builds its LASERTEC machines for high-precision applications in the field of laser texturing and drilling in Pfronten. DMG MORI Ultrasonic Lasertec GmbH sets the standard in additive manufacturing of metallic components with the LASERTEC 3D series.

Technology Fridays

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Visit our Technology Friday Events at our plant in Pfronten and learn more about DMG MORI technologies.

Technology excellence for a unique customer experience


DMG MORI operates two Technology Excellence Centers for Aerospace and Die & Mold in Pfronten. Certified application technicians and engineers work there together with customers at a very early stage of a project to develop optimal manufacturing solutions. This close partnership promotes knowledge acquisition, and this new-found expertise can then be applied to future projects.

DECKEL MAHO Pfronten consists of many individual production areas, the two newest of which are the monoBLOCK Excellence Factory and the XXL Factory


XXL Factory

The 5-axis machines in portal and gantry designs generate maximum stability and precision with the highest dynamics. Large traverses and high maximum table loads of up to 150 tonnes make it possible to machine workpieces for a wide range of universal applications. The thermal control concept produces maximum precision even in unfavourable ambient temperatures. The dual-table configuration allows the operator to be highly flexible and productive.

The following machines are built in the XXL Factory:

  • DMU 600 P
    • Portal design for ultimate stability and precision
    • Highly stable cast iron machine bed and portal with excellent dampening characteristics
    • High drive torque of up to 2,500 Nm for heavy machining
    • Maximum flexibility through exchange heads
  • DMU 600 Gantry
    • Gantry design with a maximum table load of up to 150 tonnes
    • Direct Drive technology in all axes (linear drives in X, Y and Z and torque drives in the A and C rotary axes) for unrivalled dynamics and surface quality
    • High standard bandwidth and free from transmission frequencies
    • Few contouring errors compared to drive technology with bevel gears / racks (approx. 30 % fewer)
    • Maximum flexibility through exchange heads

monoBLOCK Excellence Factory – digital and automated 

Digital and automated: the flow assembly with 34 AGVs in the new monoBLOCK Excellence Factory at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten increases productivity by 30%.

Groundbreaking assembly concept: DMG MORI revolutionizes the production of monoBLOCK 5-axis machining centers with its new 4,000 m² Excellence Factory at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten. The flow assembly with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) transport system results in a productivity increase of 30 %. This is also to the customers’ benefit.

The heart of production in the new monoBLOCK Excellence Factory is an AGV transport system. The AGVs move the machines autonomously through the assembly stations at a continuous speed of 45 mm/minute. Optical navigation using the latest laser scanning technology ensures a continuous process. As of now, the complete model mix of the monoBLOCK series including all series with palette changer (DMC) and mill-turn-table (FD) is built in a flow assembly in 34 cycles – starting with basic assembly, to geometry, the machine cabinet and lastly, the final inspection.

“Today, our new monoBLOCK Excellence Factory in Pfronten already demonstrates what tomorrow's production will look like. Using modern automation and digitization solutions, we consistently realign our locations to the production of the future,” explains Michael Horn, Executive Board member of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. “The driverless AGV transport system is perfectly integrated into the digital value chain of our production site. Compared to rail systems, the AGVs are a much more flexible solution, hence, optimizing the production infrastructure.”

The AGVs can also be freely navigated via remote control. The flexible timing of the machines ensures an uninterrupted and trouble-free flow during the assembly process.


monoBLOCK Excellence Factory
Open House Pfronten 2020
DMG MORI Technical Press Conference, Open House in Pfronten, February 11th, 2020
TULIP on DMG MORI spindle line at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten




Focused Experience

The aerospace industry is a driver of technology with a global competitive environment of producers and suppliers. To address the resulting challenges, we focus on efficient production with technology competence, automation integration and modern tools for digitization. DMG MORI bundles the competence for these tasks in the Aerospace Excellence Center in Pfronten. The offer ranges from consultation with the application-specific expertise for machine tools and their equipment through to technological implementation within the scope of turnkey projects.



Operational Excellence

In recent years, the challenge for die and mold making lies in exactly meeting the increased customer requirements of the individual customer groups in the industry. The ability to offer the customer holistic and customized solutions at marketable prices becomes a decisive competitive advantage. The DMG MORI Die & Mold Excellence Center develops solutions for the transition from handcraft to industrial die and mold making with and for its customers.

FACTS & FIGURES about Pfronten

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