Milling Centres

Overhaul of your Milling machine – Increase Performance and Preserve Value 

Reconditioning instead of purchasing:​​​​​​​

  • No changes to work processes, in other words no user instruction or training required
  • Reconditioning is carried out quickly
  • No additional investment in tooling devices or tools
Reconditioning – EXAMPLE DMC 200 U

Модернизация фрезерного станка на примере DMC 200 U​​​​​​​

Machine Reconditioning

8 steps to get the best result.

Every machine is overhauled by DMG MORI using established and proven quality processes. With their unique skills, our experts ensure your safety and satisfaction. For only the manufacturer has the original documentation and checklists, which are indispensable for a professional overhaul. This also enables us to present you with your reconditioned machine together with the original machine records.

Component Reconditioning

Component Reconditioning

DMG MORI offers custom component reconditioning for, e.g., B-axes and tool spindles, and alternatively a low-cost replacement parts service. In this way downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Functions / technical details 

  • Reconditioning with unique expert know-how 
  • Use of original spare parts 

Customer benefits 

  • Component reconditioning in manufacturer quality 
  • Guaranteed quality as a result of extensive output testing