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"Subscription & All-In" instead of investment and purchase

The Equipment-as-a-Service offer with the vertical milling machine M1 and the universal turning machine CLX 450 TC offer customers maximum planning security through price and cost transparency as well as full flexibility.

Whats behind it?

  • Low monthly base fee including all-around carefree package!
  • Attractive usage-based fee per spindle hour
  • High flexibility when choosing a term between 12, 24 and 36 months - extendable by 12 months at any time
  • Freedom of choice after the end of the term - return the machine (one-time costs for packaging, transport and de-installation), purchase the machine or extend the contract by 12 months

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Your advantages with PAYZR
10 added values in the all-around carefree package – always included
DMG MORI Digital Services

Your advantages with PAYZR

  • Maximum planning security through price and cost transparency as well as full flexibility
  • Full financial flexibility - No investment risk, no down payment, no obligation to use minimum spindle hours
  • 10 added values in the all-around carefree package - always included!
  • Flexible monthly operating expenses (OPEX) instead of long-term investments and capital commitment in assets (CAPEX)
  • Flexibility when choosing a term: 12, 24 or 36 months - can be extended by 12 months at any time
  • Customized configuration and booking with digital contract conclusion
  • Monitor machine status and usage at any time in my DMG MORI Web / App

10 added values in the all-around carefree package – always included

DMG MORI Digital Services


  • CONNECTIVITY in standard with the DMG MORI IoTconnector
  • Direct and secure remote communication and service with the DMG MORI NETservice
  • Monitor machine status and spindle hour usage transparently in my DMG MORI
  • In the DMG MORI STORE, full transparency about your expenses as well as easy management of your subscribed apps and services
M1 – Designed for your profit
CLX 450 TC – Universal turning new defined

Carefree entry into modern manufacturing

  • Unique design based on monolithic machine bed
  • Static and dynamic rigidity as well as perfect damping properties
  • Large working area (X / Y / Z = 550 / 550 / 510 mm) on 6 m²
  • Rigid table with 850 × 650 mm and max. load up to 600 kg
  • Fully digitized with IoTconnector in standard

CLX 450 TC - Universal turning new defined

  • The B-axis factor - added value compared to any turret lathe
  • 6-sided complete machining by main spindle and optional counter spindle
  • Non-stop production - focus on maximum automation
In 4 easy steps to your new M1 with PAYZR
1. Configuration and Order
2. Credit and identity check
3. Delivery Date Coordination
4. Delivery & Setup

1. Configuration and Order

Choose your machine package and the contract term, add individual options and accessories as you need them! Then finalize your order in the shopping cart of the DMG MORI STORE.

2. Credit and identity check

Complete your self-assessment online for the credit check and, after positive feedback, start your online identity check with subsequent signature of your contract.

3. Delivery Date Coordination

Our local DMG MORI sales and service company will contact you and coordinate your personal delivery date!

4. Delivery & Setup

We deliver your machine, install it, commission it with you and connect it to my DMG MORI!

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