09/14/2020|TREK-E KOMPOSIT

TREK-E KOMPOSIT produces synthetic joints using DMG MORI machines

The term endoprosthetics is generally understood to mean the replacement of joints with implants, i.e. endoprostheses. In most cases this is done at the knee and hip. For years, TREK-E KOMPOSIT has relied on DMG MORI machines for the production and modification of their hip joints.

From the Russian point of view, the worldwide endoprosthesis market is still dominated by foreign manufacturers. For more than 30 years the Russian company TREK-E KOMPOSIT has been engaged in the design, production and distribution of new forms of hip joint prostheses with cemented and cement-free fixation. TREK-E KOMPOSIT is one of the few Russian companies that has a full range of approvals required for the use of a product in medical facilities. The specialists of the company are continuously working on improvement of the manufactured models and on various modifications of individual endoprosthetic elements. To realize this project, TREK-E KOMPOSIT LLC uses DMG MORI machines, which are manufactured locally at DMG MORI Ulyanovsk MT. Andrey Sokolov, Managing Director of DMG MORI Russia, is sure: "DMG MORI Russia is capable of becoming a reliable and important technology partner for domestic manufacturers of medical devices".

TREK-E Composite is a high-tech company that can produce up to 25,000 hip joint endoprostheses per year. Within the framework of import substitution policy, TREK-E Komposit has localized the production of unique products in Russia.

Andrey Sokolov, Managing Director of DMG MORI Russia.

What makes the production unique is its completely closed cycle, which is based on all necessary technological processes for the production of an endoprosthesis stem. With our original technology we also produce modular heads.

Alexander Bondar, General Manager ZAO TREK-E KOMPOSIT LLC.

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